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Flaxseed Oil is derived from flax seeds that are known for their amazing ability to boost your health. Just like the seed, the oil is also loaded with omega-3 acids that are essential for skin, hair and heart health. It is an important part of several diet plans for weight loss and is also consumed by those who are actively involved in bodybuilding.
Along with the several flaxseed oil benefits, you will also be happy to know that the flavor is quite pleasant and easy on the palate. It has a great nutty flavor with a hint of sweetness that makes it easy to include in your regular diet. 
While it was popularly considered a great source of 
omega 3 fatty acids for vegetarians, research shows that it is more beneficial than fish oil as well. So, no matter what your eating habits are, you can reap the benefits of flaxseed oil.

How Does Flaxseed Oil Improve Health? 
It is necessary to have a good balance of 
Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in our diet. These fats are also called essential fats and are polyunsaturated fats of PUFAs that are needed by the body for several of its processes. There are several Flaxseed Oil uses because of its main components. 
The most important thing to know about Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids is that they are both necessary for proper development right from infancy. They also play a major role in our health. However, these essential fatty acids are not produced by the body and must hence, be derived from an external source like flaxseed oil. 
The essential fatty acids that are derived from flaxseed oil help regulate processes like protecting the cell membrane. With this, only the necessary substances from the food that we consume are absorbed while the rest is eliminated. This simple process of filtering what goes in is the key to reducing several pressing health conditions. 
These fatty acids also help maintain the elasticity of skin and hence, people around the globe rave about the benefits of flaxseed oil for skin. The use of flaxseed oil for hair is also popular as the scalp is nourished. In fact, the European Food Information Council reveals that omega 3 fatty acids form the basis of the body’s inflammatory response and processes that help regulate blood pressure. 

Is Flaxseed Oil Beneficial In Weight Loss? 

Weight loss is one of the most important flaxseed oil uses. Both ground flaxseeds and flaxseed oil can work wonders when it comes to aiding weight management. With regular consumption of flaxseed oil, weight loss is accelerated due to better bodily functions. The omega 3 content in flaxseed oil is more than 50%. This is the AHA than we have discussed before. While this is technically a type of fat, it is actually necessary for your body to be able to lose weight. In fact, our body needs both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids without which hunger is actually stimulated. While your regular food will make you feel satiated, having these essential fatty acids in your food will keep you satiated for longer. 

Health Benefits Of Flaxseed Oil

  1. Reduced cholesterol levels: Ground Flaxseeds and flaxseed oil can help reduce the cholesterol level in the body. This prevents the chances of any heart diseases. In fact, a study conducted at Simmons College in Boston showed that the chances of a second heart attack are reduced significantly with the consumption of flaxseed oil.
  2. Managing High Blood Pressure: Including flaxseed oil capsules in your routine can help reduce the inflammatory reactions due to high cholesterol that leads to plaque in the artery. That way, flaxseed oil can help manage blood pressure efficiently. 
  3. Reducing Inflammatory Response: One of the most important benefits of flaxseed oil is that it can reduce the inflammatory reaction associated with conditions like lupus and gout. It also reduces inflammation in the kidney, skin or joints caused by these pre-existing conditions. Flaxseed oil capsules benefits include an increased absorption of iodine that makes it possible to reduce any pain in the joint or body caused by inflammation. 
  4. Relieves Diarrhea and Constipation: One of the most traditional flaxseed oil uses is relieving constipation. Flaxseed oil lubricates the colon and helps relieve constipation in the most natural way. According to a study conducted in 2015 that was published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, it can also stop symptoms associated with diarrhea such as bloating and gas. 
  5. Removing Cellulite: With flaxseed oil, weight loss is increased and cellulite is removed from the body. Usually aging leads to a deposit of superficial fat just below the skin As the skin becomes thinner, this cellulite becomes more visible. The benefits of flaxseed oil for skin include maintaining the structure of collagen in the skin and thus fighting the appearance of this cellulite.
  6. Reduces the symptoms of Eczema: Eczema leads to dry and itchy skin that is usually the result of any allergic reaction to soaps, foods or chemicals. The primary flaxseed oil capsule benefit is to maintain the elasticity and texture of the skin by maintaining collagen structure. This ability alleviates the symptoms of eczema. 
  7. Better Hair and Nail Health: You can consume flaxseed oil for hair and nail health as the Omega 3 in the oil nourishes the nail and hair. The benefits of flaxseed oil for hair and nails include shinier hair, better hair growth with better scalp health and the reduction of brittleness, damage, splitting and cracking in nails as well. 


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